Breakthrough Form Factor: Eco SIM

Environmental issues are an increasingly key factor for many companies, governments, local authorities, and consumers. We have undertaken initiatives to encourage the development of environmentally friendly technologies wherever possible.

Boost promotional offer:

  • Easier to bundle and promote dual services (e.g. one SIM and one Data SIM, family SIM, etc.)
  • New stylish promotional approaches to build strong presence with subscribers

Wrestle for more subscribers:

  • Increase subscriptions with dual services
  • Reduce churn by offering two SIM services closely linked to each other

Quick time-to-market:

  • Simplify logistical operations
  • Easy packaging

Protect margins:

  • Storage space is optimised (e.g. warehouse, retailer, etc.)
  • Lower transportation cost


  • Premium card form factor to reinforce eco-friendly brand image awareness
  • Reduced global carbon footprint
  • Less energy used to produce an ECOSIM card (8g CO2 saved per card)
  • Less energy used to distribute (30% average transport cost savings)
  • Less packaging material used