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Other Card Solutions

Scratch Card

Scratch card, also known as scratch voucher is a small token, usually made from cardboard or PVC and available in different shapes.Scratch card is a very popular and widely used product in the world specially in telecommunication product.


Manufacturing Focus

The challenge in the industrialization process of scratch card is to manufacture a product that is both highly secure and nancially optimized, at Bumblebee we continously developing innovations to surpass this challenge.

Highly Secure

We believe that our security system is one of the nest, we incorporate security all around the facility, start from careful selection of employees, 24 hour security, installing CCTV and card lock system, all these are implemented to ensure that our facility is secured.

The Difference

Unlike other Scratch Card manufacturing companies, Bumblebee Technologies doing research based on the customer needs. We create and design card configurations, nd the most e cient materials and technologies to create the best card at the lowest price.

Company Strength

Bumblebee Technologies have multiple manufacturing locations spread around the globe which gives us the ability to reduce Lead Time significantly. At Bumblebee we strive to deliver cards that are printed with the best color systems available to make outstanding visuals. Print quality and card lamination is inspected on every job with the best procedure that we have deloveped.